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A must for gaming!8 “must-know” tips after buying the Galaxy S20

A must for gaming!8 “must-know” tips after buying the Galaxy S20

Introduction: Nowadays, the smartphone market is divided into two camps: Google Android and Apple iOS, while Samsung has always been the leading manufacturer in the Android camp. “.

Recently, Samsung has also been in the spotlight with the launch of the company’s latest generation of Android flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S20 series. In terms of design, the Galaxy S20 series phones have ushered in a new transformation from the inside out.

For different users, Samsung Galaxy S20 series mobile phones include three models, namely Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Among them, the Galaxy S20 uses a 6.2-inch Display, 12GB+128GB of standard storage space, and is equipped with a 4000mAh battery; the Galaxy S20 Plus uses a 6.7-inch display, provides 12GB+128GB of standard storage space, and is equipped with a 4500mAh battery; Galaxy S20 Ultra uses a 6.9-inch display, has two storage versions of 12GB+256GB and 16GB+512GB to choose from, and supports up to 1TB storage expansion, equipped with a 5000mAh battery.

If you are a “Samsung fan”, you must be ready to make a move, or you can’t wait to buy a Galaxy S20 series mobile phone, but have you mastered all these “playing tricks” of the Galaxy S20 series mobile phone? If you haven’t, then follow the editor to take a look at it now. After reading it, you will definitely be refreshed. The details are as follows:

① Make full use of the display screen

A must for gaming!8 “must-know” tips after buying the Galaxy S20

No matter which model of Galaxy S20 series phone you choose, it will give you a true flagship OLED display that can play HDR video and is incredibly bright.

By default (out of the box), the Galaxy S20 Ultra has a QHD+ screen with a 60Hz screen refresh rate, while the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus have a FHD+ screen resolution with a 60Hz screen refresh rate.

If you want to make the screen look smoother, you can follow the steps below: After going to “Settings > Display > Motion Smoothness”, increase its refresh rate to 120Hz. This will double the refresh rate of the screen, and this time the screen will give you a “buttery” smooth look that will make you love it and never want to turn it off again.

It is worth mentioning that to enable the 120Hz screen refresh rate, you must use FHD+ resolution. If you want a sharper QHD+ image, a 60Hz refresh rate will be your only option.

②, disable Bixby

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones don’t come with a dedicated Bixby button. Instead, a long press on the phone’s power button will activate the Bixby virtual assistant for you.

However, if you want to get rid of the Bixby virtual assistant completely, there are actually many ways to do it, and here is one of them.

You can change the result of “double-click or hold down the power button” by setting: Settings>Advanced Routine>Side Button, in this menu, you can choose to close the Bixby Routine.

③, open Google Assistant voice assistant

A must for gaming!8 “must-know” tips after buying the Galaxy S20

Unlike Bixby, Google Assistant is very much like the default voice assistant on Galaxy S20 series phones. If you want to launch Google Assistant, swipe up on the left or right side of the home screen.

④ Make sure Netflix covers the entire screen

Samsung has drastically reduced the size of the notch on the S20 phones compared to the Galaxy S10, making it easy for our eyes to completely ignore it. A handy little trick we’re going to tell you here is the fullscreen app setting, which will ensure that apps like Netflix can render your video fullscreen without any annoying “black bars”.

To achieve this effect, we need to go to “Settings > Display > Full Screen Applications” and select the application to be enabled.

⑤, take pictures through the 108 million pixel rear camera

A must for gaming!8 “must-know” tips after buying the Galaxy S20

This little trick is specific to the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The most intriguing thing about the Galaxy S20 lineup, in theory, is the massive 108-megapixel rear camera found in the S20 Ultra. Right out of the box, the Galaxy S20 Ultra shoots 12-megapixel images by default, with software combining multiple pixels into one to save space. At this point, if you want to switch to the true 108-megapixel mode, just remember 3:4 in the viewfinder and scroll to “108-megapixel”.

⑥, 8K video recording

A must for gaming!8 “must-know” tips after buying the Galaxy S20

Maybe, you may not have an 8K TV, but the new Galaxy S20 will let you record crisp, razor-sharp 8K video. By default, 8K video recording is not enabled. To enable 8K video recording, users can turn on the camera and scroll to “Video > Settings > Rear Video Size > 8K”. On the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus, the shot is a bit zoomed in due to the remote sensor.

⑦. Lock your favorite apps in RAM

A must for gaming!8 “must-know” tips after buying the Galaxy S20

As far as hardware goes, 12GB of RAM is pretty much standard across the entire Galaxy S20 lineup. With such a large amount of memory, Samsung brings you another cool new feature that allows users to lock apps and games into RAM. For example, if you don’t want a game to close after a few hours, you can go to the multitasking menu > long press the app icon > quick launch to open to lock it. This way, when you stop using the game, the game will remain in the phone’s memory and you won’t have to wait a long load time the next time you start the game.

It is reported that you can lock three apps in memory at the same time.

⑧、Use Wireless Powershare to charge other Qi devices

In fact, this feature is not new to the Galaxy S20, but if you are an old Galaxy device user or an iPhone user, you may feel the Wireless Powershare wireless reverse charging function is very new.

With the Wireless Powershare feature, you can use the back of your Galaxy S20 to reverse charge other Qi-enabled devices (watches, earbuds, or even other phones). Before charging starts, you need to drag down the notification panel and tap on Wireless Powershare. (Finish)

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