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AC rotary axis function for 5-axis machining lathe

The five-axis machining center is not unfamiliar to the friends in the industry. The five-axis machining center has a total of five motion axes, which are two motion rotation axes and three linear motion coordinate axes. Generally, the positions are installed according to two rotation movements. The difference can be divided into AC combined rotating shaft and BC combined rotating shaft. The working range of the AC rotating shaft of the five-axis machining center is introduced below.
CNC five-axis machining center AC rotary shaft working range and advantages
In general, the axis around which the X-axis of the five-axis cnc machining center is rotated is defined as the A-axis, and the working range of the A-axis is +30 degrees to -120 degrees. The five-axis machining center has a rotary axis on the table. This rotary axis rotates around the Z axis. We define it as the C rotation axis. The C rotation axis has a 360-degree rotation range. The 5-axis machining center combined with the A-rotating axis and the C-rotating axis allows the workpiece to be machined at a time other than the mounting surface. The A-rotation axis and the C-rotation axis generally have a minimum division value of 0.001 degrees, so that it is possible to machine a complicated process such as processing an inclined surface or a slanting hole, except that there is no angle other than the other surface of the mounting surface. It can be realized that the A-axis and the C-axis and the XYZ-line three-axis are processed in five axes, so that complex curved workpieces can be processed. Of course, a good CNC system, servo motor system and software support are required.
Structural advantages of AC rotating shaft setting in 5-axis machining center
The advantages of the above arrangement of the AC rotating shaft are the advantages of simple structure, good spindle rigidity, and low manufacturing cost. The general workbench cannot be set too large, and the load-bearing weight is also relatively small. Especially when the A-rotation shaft is rotated to 90 degrees or greater than 90 degrees, the workpiece will be loaded with a very large load-bearing moment.
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