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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Processing Center

The advatages of the cnc machining center are
1. High degree of integration.
The application of computer technology and numerical control technology is indispensable to the programming preparation before the workpiece processing and the information import and output during the processing.Machining center integration and high degree of automation, is different from ordinary machine tools and CNC milling machine the most important advantages.Processing center can be with a single clamping to complete a variety of processing procedures.2. Strong ability to repeat work periodically
The processing center generally needs to carry out samples before completing orders in batches.Due to the participation of computer technology in the application of workpiece mold specimen processing program can be well preserved.When the order processing starts, as long as the simple work can be put into production, improve production efficiency, greatly shorten the processing cycle.Very suitable for batch order production.3. High completion precision of the workpiece
The whole process of workpiece processing is controlled by the program, which reduces the workpiece error caused by human interference and improves the completion accuracy of the workpiece.On the other hand, the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the machining center equipment itself is quite accurate (0.008mm), so it is very suitable for the high precision requirements of fine workpiece processing.4. The workpiece can be processed with a wide range of materials
Processing center can be very good processing copper, aluminum, steel and other traditional workpiece.In recent years with the continuous upgrading of processing technology, woodworking processing center, graphite processing center has gradually entered our line of sight.In the future, the machining center will be more widely used in the fine machining of different materialsThe disadvatages of the CNC machining center are
Not exactly a weakness.Only a common feature of high-end manufacturing equipment.Sum up no other than the price is higher, the configuration of high price center is CNC system alone can compare with the price of ordinary machine tools.Professional, need a lot of knowledge and a certain amount of operating experience and a variety of procedures, it is difficult to get started.Equipment set oil, gas, electricity, electronic components as one, maintenance is more difficult, more complex troubleshooting

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