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Analysis on the replacement of automobile lubricating oil in different conditions

Automobile engine lubricating oil will gradually deteriorate during use and needs to be replaced with new oil. Determining a reasonable oil change period is a very important and complicated issue. Changing the oil too early will cause a waste of lubricating oil; changing the oil too late will deteriorate the performance of the engine and reduce the service life of the engine. Strictly speaking, when to change the oil should be determined by analyzing and testing the physical and chemical indicators of the lubricating oil such as viscosity, acid value, alkali value, moisture, insoluble matter, etc., that is, changing the oil according to the quality.

Under normal operating conditions, replacing the lubricating oil with a cycle of 5000km will inevitably cause a waste of lubricating oil. Therefore, how to determine the oil change interval reasonably and simply is more important.

1) In the case of bad operating conditions such as construction machinery, replace it in a relatively short period of time.

2) The replacement period of a new car after long-term use at the initial stage of engine running-in and the running-in period after maintenance is less than 1/2 of the normal period.

3) When the lubricating oil consumption is large, the new oil is replenished, and the fuel gas pollution is serious, it should be replaced on time.

4) Long-distance operation The urban area is operated on the expressway, and the long-distance operation of continuous operation and high-speed operation can extend the replacement period.

5) For cars that start and stop frequently, the replacement period should be shortened when the lubricating oil is seriously polluted due to dilution of fuel and moisture.

6) Lubricating oil on sandy gravel roads is easily contaminated by dust. The replacement period should be shortened, especially on roads with many traffic vehicles and poor sand quality. The replacement period should be shortened by half.

7) When driving on a hillside, low gears are often used, which can shorten the replacement period.

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