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chinese spoon moulds supply

Sino Mould Co.,Ltd. is the famous plastic spoon moulds maker China. We offer flexible spoon moulds and become the largest tableware moulds supply China with high quality and pretty competitive price.

Sino reaches an excellent range of plastic spoon mould to meet our clients needs. Stacking mould design double increases output in one shot, high speed molding machine greatly decreases your cycle time. Flexibility and reliability of spoon parts assure our clients of innumerable benefits. We offer:

ince-cream spoon moulds
disposable spoon moulds
plastic folding spoon moulds
baby use spoon moulds
coffee spoon moulds…



If you get interested in any tableware products, come to Sino Mould, famous plastic tableware moulds supply China.

We’ll promise to offer you one-stop service. Contact me, if any question. Early reply will be sent.

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