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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Silicone Mould

1. Before the first use, clean with water or detergent to remove dust on the surface. Before the mold is used for baking, a small amount of butter can be applied to the inside of the mold. When using the continuous die, if there is an empty tank, water can be added to the empty tank, and empty burning is prohibited.

2. After each use, it can be soaked in diluted detergent for 10-30 minutes. Please use soft cloth to clean. Do not use rough cleaning ball to clean the mold, so as to avoid scratch damage. After cleaning, please dry it and put it in the storage box. The silica gel is easy to react with static electricity and will absorb the tiny particles and dust in the air. When it is not used for a long time, it is not allowed to be directly exposed to the air.

3. When it is used in the oven, it must be placed in the middle of the oven, about 10cm away from the heating pipe and 5cm away from the four walls of the oven, so as to avoid high temperature damage to the mold. The long-term high temperature resistance of addition silica gel is 220 ℃, and that of condensed silica gel is up to 150 ℃.

4. Some molds have cracks, which have been cut when leaving the factory, which is convenient for the buyer to demould. If there is no cut, it can not be demoulded. In use, on the incision, wrap with Plastic film or rubber band, and then pour in liquid.


Features of silicone mold products:

1. Silicone rubber has high strength, softness, corrosion resistance and temperature adaptability, which is suitable for cooking and baking. It is the best raw material in direct contact with food, and it is simple and practical.

2. Through testing, health, natural antibacterial, can eliminate the breeding of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, infant products, medical supplies, there are a large number of silicone products. Such as: nipple, silicone plastic, etc.

3. Recyclable, durable and low energy consumption.

4. It has stable structural mechanical properties, so it has resistance to extreme temperature and wide temperature range. The minimum temperature is – 50 ℃ and the maximum temperature is 220 ℃. It is evenly heated and frozen.

5. It has corrosion resistance to cleaning agent and other kinds of corrosive substances and is easy to clean.

6. After use, any raw materials will not stick to the mold.


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