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Common Maintenance Skills and Experiences of FANUC 0i System CNC Machining Center

CNC machining center maintenance is a process of accumulating experience. We can summarize our own maintenance experience through notes. When encountering similar problems, we can use our previous maintenance notes to troubleshoot and remove the fault. Today I share some common maintenance skills about FANUC 0i system CNC machining center. If you think this article is helpful to you, you can collect the article.

(1) When an alarm occurs, whether the displayed screen is switched to the alarm screen.
parameter 3111#7 is set to 1 without switching. Generally, machine tool manufacturers set to switch to the alarm screen, which is for customers. When we are doing repairs, when we need to observe the coordinates, we switch when an alarm occurs, which affects the observation, so it can be temporarily set to 1.

(2) If you need to remove the amplifier and motor of one of the control axes, there are several ways:
1 If in automatic and manual mode, the number of the position screen can be changed when the program is running.
2009#0 (built-in encoder)
2205#2(External encoder)
G44.1 signal is on

(3) If the α dual-axis servo amplifier is used as the α single-axis amplifier.

You can also set 1023 to -128 for shielding.

(4) Whether the hardware OT is effective.
set 3004#4 to 1, cancel. Generally used for machine tools with hard limit switches.

(5) Release fan alarm (ALM701)
Parameter 8901#0 (FAN) is set to 1

(6) After turning on the power, the machine tool can also run in automatic mode without returning to the reference point.

(7) Shield of serial spindle
3701#1 is set to 1

(8) Display the program name and type.
3107#4 (SOR) 3107#0 (NAM)

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