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Cup-shaped mask production process

1. Use a fully automatic filming machine to make PP non-woven fabric and melt-blown fabric into a 2-layer mask.
2. Print the mask mark and related information on the pad printing machine.
3. Use a mask forming machine, heat to 90-105 ℃ to press the shaped cotton, and cut it into a single body by hand.
4. Put the mask on the cup mask body by hand.
5. Put the styling mold inside the fitted body, put it into the mask pressing machine, closely fit the body to the edge of the mask, and use ultrasonic heating to weld the edge.
6. Put the laminated three-layer shape on the mask trimming machine to cut off the excess corners to make semi-finished products.
7. The trimmed body is placed on the mold of the breathing valve punching machine to punch out the mounting hole for installing the breathing valve.
8. Use the nose line bonding machine to heat and paste the nose bridge line directly above the body.
9. Use a single-head spot welding machine to weld two ear straps on the left and right sides of the body.
10. Use the breathing valve welding machine to install and weld the breathing valve at the punching position.
11. Use ultraviolet ** machine batch**.
12. Quality inspection, packaging and storage before storage.
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