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Deformation characteristics of titanium bar die forging

Titanium bar blank products process die forging parts arrangement and functional uniformity of stainless steel forging parts. After recrystallization heat treatment, the metal is of equiaxial fine crystal and equiaxial fine crystal. In difficult deformation areas, the arrangement usually preserves the pre-deformation condition due to little or no deformation.

In die forging some important titanium rod blank products process parts (such as compressor disk, blade, etc.), in addition to the manipulation of the deformation temperature under TB and proper deformation degree, the arrangement of the manipulation of the original blank is very important, otherwise, the coarse grain arrangement or some disadvantages to genetic forgings, and after the heat treatment and cannot eliminate, will incur forgings. Die forging is usually the final blank used to make the shape and size of the object next to it, followed by only heat treatment and cutting. Casting temperature and deformation degree are the basic elements of titanium alloy arrangement and function. The heat treatment of titanium rod blank product process is different from that of steel, so the arrangement of titanium alloy is not effective.

Therefore, the technical standard of the final working step of the die forging process of titanium rod blank products has a unique and important effect. In order to obtain high strength and plasticity of titanium rod blank products, it is necessary to make the total deformation of the blank not less than 30%, and the deformation temperature not exceed the phase transition temperature, and to make the temperature and the degree of deformation in the entire deformation of the blank as uniform as possible.

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