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Do you know the main drive and feed drive of CNC machine tools?

The machining target structure and process have great similarities, but due to the existence of CNC systems, there are also great differences. Compared with general lathes, CNC lathes have the following characteristics:

1. Fully closed or semi-closed protective equipment is selected. Closing the protective equipment can prevent chips or cutting fluid from flying out, causing accidental damage to the operator.
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2. Use automatic chip removal equipment. Most CNC lathes use inclined bed structure layout, which is convenient for chip removal and easy to choose automatic chip conveyor.

3. The spindle speed is high and the workpiece clamping is safe and reliable. All use hydraulic chucks, the clamping force adjustment is convenient and reliable, and the labor intensity of the operators is also reduced.
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4. The tool can be changed automatically. The automatic revolving tool post is selected, and the tool can be changed automatically during the machining process to complete the machining of multiple processes one after another.

5. Separation of main and feed transmission. The main drive and feed drive of the CNC lathe use independent servo motors to make the transmission chain simple and reliable. At the same time, each motor can move independently or complete multi-axis linkage. Produced by Autodesk. Autodesk is the world’s leading design software and digital content creation company for architectural design, land resource development, production, public facilities, communications, media and entertainment.

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