home MFG News Do you know what experiments stainlesssteel products will be going through?

Do you know what experiments stainlesssteel products will be going through?

Do you know what experiments stainlesssteel products will be going through?

 Recently, our laboratory has been reorganized and renovated, with more complete equipment than before.

Now we have Metallographic Analysis, HighTemperatureTensileTesting, RoomTemperatureTensileTesting,  hashtagLowTemperatureImpactTestinghashtagPhysical Sample Preparation, Spectral Analysis, Carbon Sulfur Analysis, O.N.H Analysis, Metallographic Sample Preparation, SampleStorageArea and so on. 


Tensile test is one of the most common and important test methods in the mechanical property test of materials. The tensile test is carried out under three external conditions: constant temperature, loading speed and stress state. Temperature conditions refer to normal temperature, low temperature, and high temperature. The basic mechanical properties of the material, such as yield strength, elongation strength and tensile strength, can be obtained by tensile test. High temperature tensile test can help us to know the failure of materials at high temperature. The data of material strength and plastic property obtained from tensile test have important application value and reference value for design and material selection, development of new materials, purchase and acceptance of materials, quality control of products, safety and evaluation of equipment.



The performance of metal depends on its composition and microstructure, and the microstructure has the most direct impact on the performance of metal. Therefore, we can predict and judge the performance of metal by observing and analyzing the microstructure of metal (i.e. metallographic analysis technology), and analyze the cause of failure and damage. Metallographic analysis technology is a routine inspection method to evaluate the internal quality of metal materials according to relevant standards and regulations, and it can be used to judge whether the production process of parts is perfect, which is helpful to find out the causes of defects of parts. Therefore, it is an indispensable means in the production, use and scientific research of metal materials. The purpose of metallographic sample preparation is to show the true structure of the sample. The sample can be metal, ceramic, sintered carbide or other solid materials.



Spectral analysis is a method to identify substances and determine their chemical composition and relative content according to the spectrum of substances. It is based on the spectroscopy of molecules and atoms. It is characterized by fast analysis speed, no need of pure sample, good selectivity and high sensitivity


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