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FANUC 0i-MF Ethernet DNC processing steps

Anyone who has used FANUC knows that the memory of the system is not large. When we process large-capacity mold programs, we generally choose the following methods:
1) CF card DNC online processing: operation steps of memory card DNC processing
2) RS232 DNC online processing: FANUC 0I series RS232 DNC processing operation steps
3) Data server function
4) Embedded Ethernet DNC ​​online processing

With the development of Ethernet technology, embedded Ethernet has become a standard configuration of the FANUC system. There is no network card function for the old low-level systems. So for the current system, we can use the embedded Ethernet DNC ​​to process the program: Built-in Ethernet port DNC ​​processing test v2.0
This article mainly introduces how to process Ethernet NDC on FANUC 0I-MF system. This method is different from the software used in the above document, so the operation method is also different.

(1) Computer connection software: cn-FTPServer992 FTP software SERVU software, etc.
Parameter setting: parameter: 11630#1=1
14885#0=0 Embedded Ethernet input and output code is ISO
14885#1=1 The embedded Ethernet DNC ​​function is valid
20=9 To be set during DNC processing, not required for transmission with CF

(2) Computer settings
Local connection IPV4:
IP address: set the same network segment address as the NC IP address
Sub mask:
Default gateway: no need to set

(3) FTP setting (system setting)
Host name: computer IP address
Port number: 21
Username: USER
Password: 123
Login address: C:/FF
Test Unicom under PING

(4) Connection software setting
Set user: USER
Password: 123
Directory: C:/F
Property: You cannot check “No Data”, “Virtual Connection”, and all others are checked.

After linking through the above settings, you can see the program corresponding to the file directory on the computer in the system, then select the DNC setting, and press the cycle start to execute the program processing.

After linking the system through the above software, you can perform the following operations:
(1) Programs, files, pictures, etc. can be transferred from the USB memory to the CF card by copying and pasting.
(2) The files in the PC and the files in the CF card can be transferred to each other via Ethernet
(3) The program in the USB cannot be transferred to the computer

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