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FANUC 0i-MF solves the small memory method

With the development of science and technology, the numerical control system is constantly updated, and the data transmission is also from the original paper bag transmission to the RS232 transmission and the current Ethernet transmission.

For the now upgraded FANUC 0i-mate system, the Ethernet function is now standard, and the Ethernet supports the function of online DNC. At present, FANUC system 0I-MD is upgraded to 0I-MF system. The Ethernet function of this system has added the following functions.

1 Copy the computer program directly to the CF card through the Ethernet FTP function. What are the benefits of having this function? We know that FANUC’s memory is generally small, and the general mold programs cannot be stored. With this function, we can buy a short CF card, then insert the CF card into the system, close the cover, and then we can directly copy the computer program to the CF card through the computer, so that online DNC processing can be performed through the CF card , The method of processing at the same time as the transmission is * stable.

2 And FANUC 0I-MF system currently supports memory card function. We can convert programs into memory card files through FANUC memory card software, so that even large programs can be modified on the system.

Through the above method, we can expand the memory of the system similarly. In the past, we needed to purchase the data server function, need to change the hardware, and the cost to achieve such a function.

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