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FANUC 0i system machining center CF card transmission program error alarm repair

1. Fault description and analysis
When using CF card to copy programs from other CNC machine tools into CNC machining center, a PS0001 TH error alarm occurs, and the system used is 0i-mate-MD.
According to past experience, the PS0001:TH error alarm occurred during file transfer. The common reasons are:
(1) The file format is incorrect or the file is damaged;
(2) The transmission equipment used is bad (such as virus and other equipment abnormalities;)
(3) The setting of system data transmission is wrong.

2. Processing process: (analysis methods, technical data, implementation steps)
(1) PS0001: TH error alarm occurs when using the customer’s CF card to transfer the program in the CF card to the system.

(2) Format the CF and confirm that the CF card is FANUC’s original industrial-grade CF card. After testing, the alarm still appears, so we think it has nothing to do with the transmission equipment.
(3) First check whether there is a problem with the customer’s processing program. When the processing program in the CF card is opened on the personal computer through the WordPad, the program is normal, and the program format is also correct. .

Copy the standard (program format and files are normal) processing program into CNC, PS0001 alarm still appears, so the possibility of the program itself can be eliminated.

(4) Transfer the system parameters, system ID number, maintenance information, system configuration, PMC parameters, and processing programs to the built-in CF card, and open the content in the CF card with a writing pad in a personal computer. The parameters, The 4 items of system ID number, system configuration, and processing program are garbled, while the system maintenance information and PMC parameters are displayed normally.

(5) Transfer the processing program of the system to the CF card, and then transfer the program * to the system after changing the file name. At this time, it can be transferred normally without alarm.

(6) According to the above test, it can be judged that the occurrence of an alarm is related to the setting of system file transmission. Checking the system parameter settings, it is found that parameter No.139#0 is set to “1”, that is, the ISO code is used for data input and output, and the CF card cannot be recognized normally. Therefore, after modifying this parameter to “0”, the CF card can transfer normally.

3. Case summary
The case processed this time * The cause of the final confirmation is that the FANUC system input and output device data format settings do not match. However, when actually solving customer problems, we found that other similar alarms may also occur during program transmission, but in general, the most common reason is still that the file format does not meet the specifications or the transmission equipment is bad.
Therefore, when such an alarm occurs, we recommend troubleshooting according to the following ideas:
1) Program file
2) Transmission equipment
3) System parameter setting
4) System hardware problem

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