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Haas steps up machining centre technology

The Haas VF-4 is a rugged, medium-sized CNC vertical machining centre with 1270 x 508 x 635mm travels in X, Y and Z respectively.

Haas Automation is helping Portuguese machine builder Afinomaq improve its productivity and responsiveness The VF-4 has a 40-taper cartridge spindle driven by a 14.9kW vector dual-drive (Y-delta) motor.

It produces either 102Nm of torque at 1,200rev/min, or 339Nm at 450rev/min, with an optional two-speed gearbox.

The machine can accelerate to 7,500rev/min in 1.2s for aluminium finishing.

Once installed, free programming software is available from KellerCNCPlus-Training to provide machine operators with in-house training.

Afinomaq designs and builds two main types of liquid filling machines: volumetric systems with multiple nozzles for food, cosmetics and household products; and machines that fill by linear control of electromagnetic flowmeters.

The company also designs and manufactures labelling machines, semi and fully automatic, and capping machines, linear and rotary in configuration.

Linear cappers cycle at 1,800 operations per hour while rotary variants fit 1,000 caps per hour.

Before relocating to its purpose-built facility in 2004, the company owned only older, largely manual, machine tools.

To better match the new surroundings and provide a greater competitive edge, a cnc machining centre soon became top priority.

Typical parts machined at Afinomaq include flowmeter bodies and guides.

These parts, alongside many others, are machined from aluminium, but a number of components machined on the VF-4 are made from stainless steel, EP-100 polypropylene and PVC.

Tolerances maintained are around 0.025mm, while the company also states that surface finish is very important.

Components are machined in sets to suit each flowmeter or machine type.

Cycle times of around 30 minutes are typical for a component such as a mechanical flowmeter body.

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