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Health Tips of FANUC

1. First of all, what we will introduce to you is the safe use of motors:
1. Please connect carefully to ensure that the power line is connected firmly
If the terminal is operated in a loose state, the terminal board will heat up abnormally, * eventually a fire may occur. In addition, if the terminal falls off, it may cause ground fault, short circuit, electric shock and other accidents.
2, please make sure that the motor is grounded
In order to prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents, please make sure that the lower thread connector in the terminal box and the lower thread of the machine have been properly connected.
3. Please use the specified amplifier and parameters to drive the motor
If the wrong installation or drive is implemented, it will cause abnormal conditions such as loss of control of the motor and excessive torque. In addition, excessive rotation can also cause objects such as workpieces and knives to scatter around, which may injure the user, which is very dangerous.
2. In order to be able to use the motor safely for a long time, please maintain and repair it regularly (testing of winding resistance, insulation resistance, etc.).

Three, about the regular inspection of the servo amplifier
In order to achieve long-term use of the servo amplifier and ensure the high performance and high stability of the equipment, routine maintenance and inspection must be implemented.

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