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How Do You Use Silicone Molds For Making Candy?

Can you use silicone molds for candy?The answer is yes.Silicone candy molds for making homemade chocolate, fondant, jello, caramels and pressed sugar candies can be found easily on market. These molds are usually made of food grade standard material which FDA approval contact food safe.A good mold for candy make it easily to make a good looks candy and without trim. Silicone candy molds is in various shapes, but typical lollipop molds still meet with a great fond of candy DIY lovers.
6 cavity silicone lollipop mold20 cavity silicone lollipop mold
A mold is consists with two hemisphere shapes cavity tray, and a tray is with holes where candy sticks can be put in.Do silicone candy molds need to be greased?Silicone actually is a kind of material stick-proof and very flexible. Wait chocolate completely hard so you can easily pop out of all candy from molds. So it have no need to grease silicone candy molds like you use a mold or pan when baking cakes or cookies.Weishun is a professional manufacturer can manufacture and supply silicone molds for candy. The raw material we select is high quality silicone molds which have FDA certifications. If you are searching for a supplier of silicone lollipop molds, Weishun maybe is a good choice.

If you are interest in other shapes silicone candy molds, send an inquiry to a silicone molds manufacturer is a good idea. Weishun is a factory located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China who have served many silicone products buyers. If you are in need of silicone products, please feel free to let us know.

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