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How to choose CNC lathes

     Automatic lathe is a high performance, high precision, low noise, take the knife automatic lathes, is controlled by a cam machining program automatic machine tools. In addition, there are some automatic lathes and CNC automatic lathes and pneumatic type automatic lathes take heart, the basic core of the same product can be processed automatically after a certain time can be set up and tuning later. For copper, aluminum, iron, plastic and other precision parts manufacturing, applicable to instruments, watches, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, hardware, sanitary ware, electronic components, connectors, computers, cell phones, electronics, military and other industries bulk machining small parts, especially the more complex parts.

      CNC lathes, also known as CNC lathes, the computer numerically controlled lathe, is currently the largest domestic use, the most extensive coverage of one of cnc machine tools, accounting for 25% of the total number of CNC machine tools. CNC machine tools is a mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information technology as one of the mechatronic products. The machine tools machinery equipment with high precision, high efficiency, high automation and high flexibility and other advantages. CNC machine tool technology and the level of the percentage of metal-cutting machine tools output and the total amount is a measure of an important indicator of a country's economic development and the overall level of industrial manufacturing. CNC lathe is one of the main varieties of CNC machine tools, it occupies a very important position in CNC machine tools, and for decades has been widespread attention around the world and has been rapid development.
      With the continuous development of modern machine tool manufacturing technology, currently on the market can be described as dazzling CNC lathes, how to choose economical and reasonable CNC machine tools too! Good selection of CNC lathes can not only improve efficiency, but also bring a lot of benefits to the companies. Prior to the selection of its range of CNC machine tools to deal with the type, size, performance, characteristics, uses and applications to understand, it is best to understand this piece called a friend to buy together with you, so you want to choose the most suitable CNC machine tools , following the Hong Ding Jing Xiao Bian introduce you to a good choice of CNC machine tools is the trick.

     1. preparation
      Determining a representative part of the process requirements, batch processing of the workpiece, CNC lathe to develop should have the function of good preparation, a reasonable selection of CNC lathes preconditions for typical parts of the process requirements typical parts of the process is mainly required structural dimensions of parts, processing range and accuracy requirements. According to the accuracy requirements that the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, positioning accuracy and surface roughness requirements to select the control precision CNC lathe. Selected based on the reliability, the reliability is to improve product quality and production efficiency guarantee. CNC machine tools reliability refers to the machine to perform its function under specified conditions, stable operation for a long time without fail. That MTBF long time, even if out of trouble, can be restored within a short time, back into use. Reasonable choice and sophisticated manufacturing, and mass production of machine tools. In general, the more users, the higher the reliability of the numerical control system.
     2. Machine tool accessories and optional

      Machine random accessories, spare parts and supply capacity, tools, CNC lathes have been put into operation is very important. Select a machine, you need to carefully consider supporting the cutting tools and accessories.

     3. The control system focus on identity

      Manufacturers generally choose the same vendor's products, at least you should buy from the same vendor control system, which brings great convenience for maintenance work. Due to the need informed, use of different systems with various simulation software.

     4. The cost performance selected

       Do function, accuracy is not idle, do not waste, do not choose their own needs and unrelated functions.

     5. Machine Protection

      If desired, the machine can be equipped with fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protective device, automatic chip conveyor.
6. operator
      Due to the special nature of cnc machining, CNC machining requirements of workers both operator and programmer, along with some quality junior technical staff, therefore, the operator must be familiar with the process of machining parts (technical) requirements, such as the processing line, and the tool geometry, cutting the amount, size and shape position tolerance. Only familiar with the process requirements, and properly deal with problems before they can work to reduce blindness, to ensure the successful completion of the entire process.
      Therefore, the choice of CNC lathes, the above principles should be considered in order to choose a better CNC lathes. Thank you finish reading this article, I hope these helpful to you.

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