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How to effectively prevent the noise of the press

How to effectively prevent the noise of the press

It is normal for the punch press to produce a certain sound during operation, but if there is a louder sound, it is a noise, which will not only affect the staff to a certain extent, but also may be a precursor to the failure of the equipment itself. , So how should we effectively prevent equipment noise?

1. Eliminate noise from working institutions

In order to reduce the clearance, the bearing should be installed according to the specified requirements, and the fitting clearance of the assembly should be appropriate. To increase the gap due to movement, higher viscosity lubricating oil can be used at the bearing to increase damping and reduce no-load noise.

2. Improve the structure of the machine tool

The series of open-type double-column fixed table presses and the series of open-type double-column tilting presses are changed to friction clutches. The transmission system of the equipment is mostly driven by spur gears. When the punch gear is engaged, it will make a sound. If the transmission is changed to helical gears or herringbone gears, this friction noise can be basically eliminated.

3. Improve the mold structure

The oblique die is used instead of the flat die, and the bevel of the knife edge is used to gradually separate the sheet material, thereby delaying the punching time and achieving a certain noise reduction effect. The noise reduction is related to the shearing angle. The larger the shearing angle is, the punching time will increase, and the noise level reduction will increase accordingly. Figure 2 shows the relationship between the shearing angle and the amount of noise reduction. The shearing angle is 8 °~10° is appropriate.

4. Set up sound absorption and vibration reduction devices

Enclose the flywheel of the punch press and its transmission system with a cover, which can significantly reduce the noise of the transmission part. For motors with high power and high noise, local sound insulation covers or enclosed sound insulation covers should also be configured. In the lower part of the equipment slide or outside the mold working area, install a movable protective grid or soundproof cover. If a soundproof cover is installed on the outside of the mold, and the inner wall of the cover is pasted with sound-absorbing material, the noise reduction effect will be more obvious.

That is to say, if you want to effectively prevent the noise generated by the punch, the main solution is to improve the equipment itself or check the operation of the equipment. When this situation is actually encountered, it should be resolved according to the actual problems encountered.

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