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How to identify the oil quality of a single-column hydraulic press

In order to establish a product quality and service supervision mechanism, ensure the effective use of products on the demand side, provide customers with excellent products and high-quality services, it is our duty to do good after-sales service, and quality tracking service is our unshirkable responsibility. The oil of a hydraulic machine is essential for the work of a single-column hydraulic machine. The selection and maintenance of the hydraulic machine oil determines the performance of the hydraulic system to a large extent. If some small impurities enter the oil, it may cause the hydraulic machine to fail to operate normally. So how to distinguish the quality of oil?

There are many ways to identify the oil of a single-column hydraulic machine. According to the actual situation, a hydraulic machine oil with a lower viscosity can be selected. It can be directly put into a dry test tube to heat up. If the oil in the test tube is found to be precipitated or suspended, the oil in the hydraulic machine already contains Impurities. The higher the viscosity, the oil is first diluted by pure gasoline. Then filter with clean filter paper. A large amount of metal powder is found on the filter paper. The hydraulic components of the oil machine are seriously worn and should be taken seriously.

There are actually metal particles in the oil. This is also a small way to feel the presence of particles by kneading with your fingers. If a large amount of metal chips deposit on the bottom of the oil tank of a three-beam single-column Hydraulic Press, it indicates that the main oil pump or motor is severely worn and should be cleaned and maintained in time. Ferrography technology is based on the wear of mechanical friction pairs. Separate the wear particles and other particles in the hydraulic pressure with the help of a ferrospectrometer, and make a piece of iron, and then observe it under a microscope or an electron microscope. This is a high-tech identification method that is less used.

There is also a simple method. If the press has intermittent noise and vibration, the main oil pump squeaks, or even the piston rod crawls, observe the liquid level of the oil tank. There is a large amount of foam at the outlet of the oil tank, indicating that the oil in the hydraulic press is immersed in the oil. A lot of air.

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