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How to maintain the new four-column hydraulic press

As we all know, the key to better operation of mechanical equipment is how to carry out daily maintenance. Many Hydraulic Press users only know that hydraulic presses need to be maintained after a period of use. Magnetic powder brakes actually require maintenance for new equipment, which is also a lot. Problems that users will ignore. How to maintain the new four-column hydraulic press?

First of all, the hydraulic oil must be changed once after the four-column hydraulic press has been working continuously for five working days. Although the machine is new, there are still a lot of impurities in the various hydraulic components and pipelines when it is working. After the hydraulic system has been in operation for a period of time, due to the erosion of the hydraulic oil, the impurities generated will fall into the oil return filter equipment or the oil tank after vibration. Therefore, the oil and impurities in the fuel tank must be drained, and then kerosene should be used for flushing.

Secondly, after the hydraulic system has been running continuously for fifty working days, the system needs to be cleaned up. If the oil contamination is serious, the pipeline must be removed for cleaning. If the quality of the oil does not change, you can continue to use it after filtering.

In addition, the filter element in the oil filter of the return hydraulic machine should be replaced in time.

Whether it is new hydraulic equipment or equipment that has been used for a period of time, it needs timely and reasonable maintenance to avoid the expansion of the problem and affect the normal processing and production work.

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