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How to reduce the wear on the clutch while driving

Clutch wear is an old topic, but how to reduce wear in use is everyone’s attention. Today we will discuss it.
In order to reduce the wear of the clutch, it is first necessary to know that the structure of the clutch cylinder is sleeved on the input shaft sleeve of the transmission. It relies on the clutch pressure plate to provide the return force to the cylinder through the release bearing. Disc contact. When the clutch pedal is stepped on, the clutch pressure plate and the pressure plate are separated by the release bearing. The driver depresses the clutch pedal, the engine transmission is disconnected from the transmission, and the engine power is not transmitted to the wheels to drive the car. When the driver releases the clutch, the engine’s transmission will be connected to the transmission, so that the power is transmitted to the wheels.
Note that the following methods can effectively reduce the wear of the clutch. Start in 1st gear to obtain the maximum torque at start and reduce clutch overload. To reduce the clutch in a semi-linked state, the clutch pedal should be depressed to the end during use and completely released after use to ensure the clutch is completely separated and reliably combined. After a successful start, the clutch should be released as soon as possible to reduce unnecessary friction between the clutch pressure plate and the pressure plate.
Do not put your foot on the clutch pedal during normal driving to ensure that the inside of the clutch is fully engaged. In addition, when driving in a city, do not depress the clutch pedal prematurely when you need to decelerate. You should wait for the vehicle speed to fall within a reasonable range before depressing the clutch pedal to reduce the clutch idling. When parking, you should pick the neutral gear and release the clutch pedal, so as to avoid increasing the burden on the clutch.

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