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How to solve the problem of partial material of the punch

How to solve the problem of punching material deviation

As a processing equipment, punch press has high efficiency and convenient operation, so it has been widely used. The long-term normal operation of the equipment must be inseparable from regular maintenance work, and problems should be solved in time, such as when a punching machine has a partial material situation, how to solve it? Let’s take a look at it together:
  • 1. Adjust the pressing force of the material pressing spring of the feeder to ensure that the spring really presses the material until the material cannot be pulled by hand. The pressing force of the pressing spring must be the same on the left and right sides. Too much difference will directly cause bias.
  • 2. Check whether there is only one air pipe connected to the loose cylinder of the feeder. If so, both air pipes need to be connected at the same time. The punch feeder has two cylinders to clamp and loosen the material when conveying. When in use, you need to connect two air pipes to ensure that the two cylinders operate at the same time. If the customer only connects to one cylinder in actual use, it needs to be able to use , But when feeding thick plate materials, the clamping will not be tight, causing the material to slip on the feeding drum. At this time, it can be solved by connecting two air pipes.
  • 3. The material is too thick, and the material waiting area is too long, which will cause the material to sag with a large arc, and the backward pulling force will be large, resulting in slipping due to the heavy weight of the material. Solution: For the transportation of thick plate materials, a support waiting rack is added between the leveler and the punch feeder to replace the traditional induction rack.
That is to say, the problem of partial material of the punch may be caused by various reasons. We can appropriately adjust the pressure and thickness of the equipment. I hope that the above content can be helpful to everyone.

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