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“Intelligent Audio Management System” is here, let’s see how HKUST iFLYTEK becomes the creator of car’s smart sound field

On November 19, the annual Guangzhou Auto Show kicked off amidst the expectations. As the annual finale of the Chinese auto industry, the Guangzhou Auto Show is naturally an excellent stage for global auto companies to show their strength to the outside world. The theme of the auto show of “Life” fully demonstrates the comprehensive empowerment of technology to automotive products. At the same time, a new car that is empowered by technology will fully rejuvenate the beautiful car life of Chinese consumers.

IFLYTEK, which has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent car voice for 18 years, not only brought a variety of intelligent products during the Guangzhou Auto Show, but also released the industry’s first “intelligent audio management system”, integrating artificial intelligence into car audio , Created a “new species” with great scientific and technological strength.

Consumption upgrades popularize luxury car listening experience

Why did iFlytek release the “intelligent audio management system”? Wu Xiaoru, President of iFLYTEK of HKUST, explained the reason behind it-there is rigid demand in the market. “The sales of some cars equipped with top-of-the-line stereos have risen far below the speed of high-quality earphones in recent years. Is it because the stereos are too expensive? Not so. A considerable number of car owners do something immediately after buying a car. One thing is to modify the audio.” Wu Xiaoru gave an example, “Chinese brand cars sell well abroad, but almost half of the car audio will be modified, which shows that the current car audio effects are far from satisfying current users. need.”

In a nutshell: there is a huge contradiction between the increasing demand for high-quality in-vehicle voice services of car consumers and the unbalanced and insufficient supply. As an innovative representative in the field of smart cars, iFLYTEK knows that the contradiction between supply and demand is not only a pain point for consumption, but also an opportunity for enterprises. The experience accumulated in the past 20 years has made iFlytek understand that it must always pay attention to the diversified and quality needs of consumers for the upgrade of travel entertainment. With the advantages and accumulation of industrial chain technology, the intelligent sound field effect is realized through the separation of music elements. For example, the stage feel is reproduced and the position of the instrument is accurately restored, creating an infinite and enjoyable listening space for the smart cockpit.

Every iterative upgrade of a product must be supported by core technology behind it. HKUST Xunfei will deeply integrate in-vehicle voice technology with artificial intelligence algorithms.

According to Wu Xiaoru, iFLYTEK integrates visual modalities to create a barrier-free in-car communication system, and uses independent sound field and partitioned pickup technology to create a richer and outstanding exclusive private space for car users, bringing more driving and riding fun of. Let “every driver and every passenger” enjoy the vocal experience of a million-class luxury car personally, and let “every car” become a music hall in travel life.

“A really good sound is when the car owner closes his eyes, the directivity and layering of each sound is very clear. Just like when you are watching a blockbuster war movie, close your eyes and you can clearly feel that the shell is From where it detonated, and how the bullets around me flew past, I feel very enjoyable.” In Wu Xiaoru’s view, the car voice must also achieve this effect, just like a person walking into a forest and closing his eyes. It is a very top sound effect, you can feel the sound of the nearby streams and the sounds of birds, which are very real sound fields.

AI helps car audio to be more humane

Ma Guilin, deputy general manager of the iFLYTEK Smart Car Division and an outstanding scientist at iFLYTEK, believes that the acoustic environment of cars is more complex than traditional homes or cinemas. Therefore, the intelligent audio management system released this time uses the core AI intelligent technology of HKUST iFLYTEK as the underlying operating logic, and integrates the Flying Fish system, which can make the coupling between the car machine and the audio management module clearer and have more room for expansion.

At the hardware power amplifier level, Feiyu intelligent audio management system has rich hardware connection capabilities, efficient audio energy management, excellent audio hardware performance, and ultra-low-latency audio link design, which can provide ideal optimized sound effects based on spatial layout , Makes the sound effect more full, the sound envelopment and atmosphere feel better.

What can be done more is the software algorithm level. Feiyu intelligent audio management system can realize the independent sound field division of the whole car, and realize the voice interaction mode of the main driver, the assistant driver, and the rear passengers without interfering with each other. At the same time, advanced sound effect algorithms such as 3D immersive surround sound with fully independent intellectual property rights can restore the audio in real time with high quality, bringing users a richer and fuller listening experience.

Ma Guilin introduced that at present, from the elementary to the most advanced algorithms in car audio, iFlytek has all, such as the elementary ones, such as dynamic compression, sound field elevation, seat optimization, and parameter equalization; the more advanced ones include volume compensation with speed and noise. , Vocal optimization, loudness compensation, sound wave simulation; then to the highest-level sound field division, active noise reduction, virtual scene, surround sound, and in-car communication compensation, these high-level algorithms represent the highest level in the industry.

Take surround sound as an example. At present, surround sound technology is mainly in the hands of traditional audio giants, who have deployed a large number of IP. In order to get rid of the dependence on external technology, iFlytek chose a very difficult, independent research and development path. After a long period of hard work and unremitting pursuit, not only the development was successful, but also the performance was outstanding.

Take the in-car communication compensation as an example. At present, there are only a handful of cars equipped in the market, and the technical threshold is very high. Based on the profound technical accumulation in voice, coupled with a deep understanding of in-car audio, HKUST iFLYTEK has not only successfully developed it, but also has many more outstanding features. For example, it can be combined with zone playback to compensate to the specified location very accurately without disturbing other passengers.

In addition to enriching users’ “voice information”, iFLYTEK is also committed to creating customized services for specific scenarios. Its customized platform will be open to ecological partners, using software and hardware capabilities and algorithm capabilities, and in-depth cooperation with content partners. Sound shapes exclusive scenes. When the user wants to listen to a book, turn the car into a study room, and intelligently add appropriate background music; when the user wants to listen to a concert, a virtual scene will be used to let the user be on the scene; when the user wants to sing , Will use powerful software and hardware resources to create a stage for users, use artificial intelligence technology to beautify the sound, allowing users to make their own CDs with one key; when users want to watch movies, break through the narrow space in the car, let users feel the broad Sound field: When users want to have a meeting, they can enjoy a high-quality conference call environment through various active noise reduction technologies, voice noise reduction technologies, communication compensation technologies, and voice optimization technologies.

Improve the ecology and continue to exert intelligent voice

HKUST iFlytek not only pays attention to its own technological progress and product improvement, but also makes a reasonable layout in terms of ecology. On November 18th, iFLYTEK and China Central Radio and Television Headquarters Yunting, Himalaya, iQiyi, Mango Beautiful, Thunderstone, Kuwo and other sound effect partners, as well as iFLYTEK Music, iFLYTEK and other internal ecological resources of the group, established “HKUST IFLYTEK Intelligent Sound Ecological Alliance” integrates industry resources and brings a richer and more shocking music listening experience to users.

Take the partner Himalaya as an example. As a well-loved audio sharing platform, it has 290 million audios in 98 categories and a total content of 2.1 billion minutes, which almost covers the spiritual food needed by people of different ages. Himalaya currently cooperates with more than 70 car company brands, and has established cooperation with the top 30 car company brands and the top 10 new energy car company brands. Whether car users are driving daily, commuting driving, long-distance driving, or resting and resting, Himalaya can provide massive audio content listening pleasure.

In addition to continuing to improve the ecosystem, HKUST iFlytek has continued to expand its product categories based on the diverse needs of users. Taking this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show as an example, Feiyu OS, Feiyu Assistant, smart cockpit multi-mode perception system, AI sales service, industrial intelligence, smart chips, TTS, sound reproduction and other software and hardware products and technical solutions developed by iFLYTEK are also Make its debut, bringing audiences a different intelligent exploration experience of cars.

Automotive consumers will only have more and more demand for smart car voice, and their requirements will only get higher and higher. As the promoter and witness of the development of smart car voice in China, HKUST iFLYTEK will naturally not stop its pace of innovation. As Liu Junfeng, Vice President of HKUST and General Manager of Smart Car Division, said: “The release of Feiyu Intelligent Audio Management System is another successful innovation of HKUST iFLYTEK on the road of smart cars. HKUST iFLYTEK’s smart cars will be more comprehensive Devote ourselves to the development wave of automobile intelligence, continue to provide more vital and innovative intelligent scene services for the car ecosystem partners, and create a more immersive and futuristic mobile smart space for users.”

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