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Is there a difference between a breathing tube and a ventilator?

How to connection of ventilator pipeline

Including pipe joints are connected with each other and the three joints, the remaining two pipe three through the joint are respectively connected with the screw thread tube, pipe joints, which is characterized in that the first reinforcementaround the periphery of the pipe joints are arranged on the axial direction, andaround the periphery of the pipe joint is provided with an annular second strengthen reinforcement. Connected with the screw thread pipe three pass jointwall between two pipe is provided with third reinforcing ribs, and the increase of the joints and the tube thickness in three pass joint. By adopting the structure, pipe joints and pipe joint is not easy deformation, easy to plug, coordination andimprove the use of stability and sealing, avoiding the air leakage, so the security is good, can guarantee the quality of the products; while in the threaded pipe is provided with third reinforcing ribs, and increase the three joints connecting the corresponding wall and threaded pipe thickness, the respiration loop tube of good intensity, long service life, safety and security.



What is a Ventilator?
A medical ventilator is a machine that helps the lungs work. It’s used for breathing problems that can accompany a variety of conditions.
A ventilator is a machine that helps a person breathe.

Patients who have a medical problem that makes it hard for them to breath well on their own or are undergoing anesthesia for surgery may be connected to a ventilator. Often, a person who is on a ventilator will receive medicine that puts them to sleep so the ventilator does the work of breathing. It allows the body to rest so it can heal.

During surgery. A ventilator can temporarily do the breathing for you while you’re under general anesthesia.
Recovering from surgery. Sometimes people need a ventilator to help them breathe for hours or even days after surgery.
When breathing on your own is very difficult. A ventilator can help you breathe if you have lung disease or another condition that makes breathing difficult or impossible.

A ventilator works in the same way as the lungs. It pushes a pulse of air into the lungs, as air would enter the lungs during an inhale. Then the ventilator allows the air to come out of the lungs, as the lungs would do during an exhale. In this way, the person can receive the oxygen needed to keep all their organs alive, without their body having to do the work of breathing.


What is a Breathing Tube?
A breathing tube also may be called an endotracheal tube. The tube is passed through the mouth or nose into the airway to keep air flowing into the lungs. A breathing tube may be placed if a person cannot maintain their airway due to an illness or accident, if they cannot breathe without assistance, or both.

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