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It is impossible to develop private cars to solve the problem of urban passenger transportation


By conscientiously summarizing experience and lessons, Western countries have gradually realized that the development of private cars cannot solve the problem of urban passenger transportation. Only the development of public transportation with rail transit as the backbone is the best way out. Therefore, after 1950, urban rail transit received widespread attention and was revived. By 1997, 97 more cities had built subways, almost five times the amount before 1935. Today, more than 50 cities in more than 30 countries in the world are building or planning to build rail transit.

Since the opening of the ** subway in Beijing in 1969, 6 cities (including Hong Kong and Taipei) have had subways, with a total length of more than 130 kilometers. Currently, more than 20 major cities are building or preparing rail transit. Compared with ground public transportation, urban rail transit greatly improves the efficiency of passenger transportation. The subways of cities such as Moscow, Tokyo, and New York all bear more than 30% of public transport passenger traffic. Although the length of the subway lines already in operation in Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin is only 0.03% of that of the ground bus lines, they bear 2% of the passenger traffic. It can be seen that the fundamental solution to the problem of passenger transportation in big cities lies in the development of public transportation, especially rail transportation.

From the perspective of the current status of Chengdu’s urban transportation, the construction of an urban transportation system that is compatible with leapfrog development must develop rail transportation. Compared with Beijing, Shanghai and economically developed cities, Chengdu’s urban transportation construction still has many gaps. The current situation of urban traffic is worrying. The construction of basic transportation facilities and the rapid economic growth are out of balance. Therefore, the motor vehicle accessories market should also be included as an important part of the road transportation industry into the legal system.

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