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Leaders of Yunlu Co., Ltd. went to various enterprises in Yunlu Honghe Area to carry out safety inspections

In order to further promote the implementation of the company’s various safety production work deployments and ensure the company’s safety production situation is stable, according to the arrangement of the Chinalco safety production video conference on August 8th, on August 16th, Zhang Zhengji, assistant to the president of Chinalco and chairman of the company ; Vice Chairman Lu Zhijian led teams to Yunlu Yuanxin, Yunlu Runxin, and Yunlu Yongxin to carry out safety production inspections.During the inspection, the company’s leaders went to the front line at the grassroots level to learn in detail about the operating environment, equipment operation, production and storage of hazardous chemicals, on-site construction, and emergency management. On August 8th, Zhang Zhengji, assistant to the president of Chinalco, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Yunlu, went to Yunlu Runxin and Yunlu Yuanxin to conduct safety inspections.

At Yunlu Runxin, Zhang Zhengji went to Yunlu Runxin Technology Center for hazardous chemicals storage, electrolytic waste tank lining project, alloy square rod production line, and feed purification system for safety inspections to learn more about the storage and use of hazardous chemicals. , Reconstruction of waste tank lining construction quality and safety supervision, material supply purification cloth bag cleaning, etc.Zhang Zhengji asked, first, to strengthen the classification management of expired hazardous chemicals and empty containers, and improve the awareness of safety risk prevention.The second is to increase the inspection work of the overhaul slag leaching tank and the pre-leaching anti-seepage modification materials, and cover the leaching tank to continuously improve the working environment.The third is to strictly implement the “whoever approves and who is responsible” and the last requirement of the construction site safety personnel to leave the site to prevent safety accidents from occurring.

In Yunlu Yuanxin, Zhang Zhengji went to the production site such as the ammonia station of the power department, the flue gas purification system, the retort furnace of the calcining section, the furnace surface of the roasting section, and the LNG natural gas station to check the safety of production, and gave comprehensive guidance to the problems found during the inspection. .Zhang Zhengji requested that, first, it is necessary to further consolidate the foundation of safety management, pay close attention to the integrity and operation of production equipment, key parts, safety and health, environmental protection and other equipment and facilities to ensure the safe, stable and long-term operation of all production devices.The second is to intensify the supervision and rectification of major hazards, never miss any blind spots, never miss any link, put risk investigation first, make loopholes first, promote safety management work to form a closed loop implementation, and resolutely prevent The occurrence of a safety incident.The third is to implement the management of hidden dangers based on the work concept of “full coverage, zero tolerance, strict implementation, and emphasis on practical results”, prevent and resolve major safety risks, and resolutely curb the occurrence of various production safety accidents.Fourth, we must have a deep understanding of the current severe and complex situation facing safety production, always tighten the string of safety production, and establish a “failure-proof” sense of responsibility and a “failure-proof” sense of worries. , Pay close attention to the work of safety production, ensure the orderly progress of production and operation activities, and provide a solid safety guarantee for the completion of the production and operation goals and tasks for the whole year.

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