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Low oil volatility engine oil volatility


The gasoline engine oil for Fukang cars has a long history of using European cars in China. In the past, the speed limit of European cars in China was low, and the severity of engine oil usage was not as high as the European design. The use of American gasoline engine oil did not reflect the problems of high-temperature oxidation, high-temperature piston deposits and wear. High-end cars, especially European high-end cars have their own characteristics, and the engine oil must also meet the performance requirements of European cars. Low oil volatility The volatility of engine oil is directly related to fuel economy, oil consumption, extended oil drain periods and emission control. The low volatility of the base oil is conducive to the preparation of base oils with lower viscosity grades, reducing the viscosity of the oil to reduce the friction of the moving parts of the engine, which can reduce energy consumption and save fuel; the low volatility of the base oil can also keep the engine oil longer. Periodic operation still has a stable viscosity, which meets the requirements of extending the oil drain period.

Hydrogenated base oil is determined by its own molecular structure characteristics to have lower volatility. Under the same viscosity, the distillation temperature of hydrogenated base oil with high saturated hydrocarbon content is higher. This higher boiling point naturally reduces its volatility. Under the corresponding distillation volume, the similar oil has a higher distillation temperature, and the evaporation loss is correspondingly much smaller, which is conducive to the preparation of low-viscosity, large-span multi-grade oil. 2/3″ oil has good environmental protection performance. Other factors (phosphorus content in additives, combustion temperature in the converter, etc.) are removed. The damage to the catalytic converter and the evaporation of base oil are also one of the factors that affect the life of the catalytic converter. The evaporation loss is small, and the damage to the catalyst in the catalytic converter is small, so the pollution of the emission to the environment is also small, and at the same time, the life of the catalytic converter is prolonged.

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