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Machining spool holes for automotive gearboxes

The valve block for processing the valve body of the automatic transmission of an automobile is the most demanding position in the process of processing the box hole. Commonly used to process aluminum alloy valve bodies with 8-16% silicon content. UNIMERCO’s commonly used tool plan is a combination of two roughing and one finishing.

1. Thick hinge

Therefore, UM PCD straight groove reamer is used. Processing speed n=8000r/min, feed speed Fn=0.3mm/min.

Main functions of reamer:

  • 1. Good at processing interference holes.
  • 2. The light compensation and guidance are very good, ensuring high roundness, cylindricity and smoothness requirements.
  • 3. The deburring function is excellent, and no special follow-up deburring process is basically required.
  • 4. The processing efficiency is usually 3-8 times that of straight groove tools, which directly reduces your equipment and labor costs.

2. Finishing of reamer

Therefore, UM PCD spiral groove reamer is used. Processing speed n=10000r/min, feed speed Fn=0.5mm/min.

The processing method of “one rough and one fine” is adopted. The machined surface of the workpiece has a good mirror effect, and the surface roughness Ra can reach 0.08~0.20. In addition, the tool life can be stabilized to 80,000 holes before grinding.

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