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Non-metal plate laser cutting machine, building a warm home for birds.

Non-metal plate laser Cutting Machine, building a warm home for birds.

Birds flying,

It's a show without any arrangement

And the aerial dance in the air.

The chirping of birds,

It is the sound of natural sound in nature,

The rhythm of life is hidden.


And now, with the progress of human life,

Urban reconstruction, demolition of old houses, expansion of land to build houses…

Make their living environment threatened.

Many birds also lost their homes,

To protect birds is to protect nature.

A treasure for mankind,

Non-metallic laser cutting machine cuts the bird house and becomes the guardian of the bird,

Return a warm home to birds.


Wooden Bird House

Wood is a relatively common material for building bird houses.

Natural wood is always clean and simple,

Fresh and natural comfort.

Non-metallic plate laser cutting machine according to the bird house drawings designed by the computer,

Highly precise cutting on wood,

Continue to write the fresh and elegant meaning of solid wood in a modern shape,

There are bursts of woody fragrance.

Let the bird ,

can taste the breath of nature when breathe every time.


Acrylic Bird House


The bird house is not limited to the presentation of wood,

Acrylic is also one of the popular materials in bird house design.

The colorless acrylic is smooth and shiny after being cut by a non-metal plate laser cutting machine.

Whether the material is transparent in sunny or rainy weather,

Can be well integrated into the background environment,

It won't be particularly abrupt because of the bird house.

The open structure allows the bird to eat with peace of mind.


With the transformation of craftsmanship and the influence of fashion elements,

In the past, the simple bird house glowed with amazing innovations.

Laser cutting bird house is a safe haven for birds

It is also a work of art to beautify the environment.

It has achieved the perfect combination of art, public welfare, technology and three aspects.


Recommended non-metal plate laser cutting machine


Universal laser cutting machine CMA1309-B-A


1. Features

Three axis dynamic scanning system

Fully enclosed double dustproof design

Compact body structure design

Up and down double exhaust structure


2. Applicable materials

Non-metal laser cutting is suitable for processing wood products, paper, leather, fabrics, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, bamboo products, clothing fabrics, leather goods, mobile phone accessories, stickers, clothing hot drills , Plastic sprue, mobile phone protective film, jade and other non-metallic materials.

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