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Order an “AI Takeaway”?Ele.me uses artificial intelligence technology to help businesses develop new dishes

Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter learned on December 2 that Ele.me has recently launched an AI dish analysis system for merchants and named it “Hungry Xiaowei” internally, trying to use the platform’s digital technology and market insight capabilities. , Combined with artificial intelligence algorithms to help businesses develop new dishes. The current Beta version has been internally tested in cooperation with a number of restaurant chain brands, and the revenue increase has been significant.

At present, “Xiaowei” has collaborated with brands such as Zhen Kungfu, Guimanlong, Guiyuanpu to design 12 new dishes and set meals, and tested more than 700 stores in 41 cities. The sales of new dishes have been compared horizontally. Up to 30% increase in dishes.

The reporter from Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao learned that the development of new dishes has long relied on the personal experience and capabilities of developers. The lack of digitization has become a significant pain point in the industry and has also restricted the continued growth of catering brand operating efficiency. The “Fourteenth Five-Year” Big Data Industry Development Plan issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on November 30 mentioned that leading companies should be guided to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with algorithms, computing power and other resources. The involvement of the “computing power” of the platform is expected to bring brand new solutions to the research and development of new dishes.

“Pre-entry needs insights, to the design combination in the event, to the feedback evaluation after the event, digitalization is very useful.” “Hungry Xiaowei” project leader Chang Xudong believes, “From brand positioning to taste preferences, and then In terms of geographical and seasonal differences, the platform’s insight capabilities are equivalent to providing new product developers with a “God’s perspective”.”

For example, in a cooperation with a tea brand, “Xia Xiaowei” found that its ingredients were concentrated in the lemon tea category, and most of the most popular similar teas in the local market contained some popular fruits, so it developed a joint development with its R&D department. New products such as poplar nectar and red pomelo lemon were quickly accepted by the market once they were launched.

According to Ele.me, the function of “Hungry Xiaowei” is not limited to the research and development of new dishes. It can also diagnose existing dishes and give suggestions for improvement, as well as help businesses design packages. For example, “Hungry Xiaowei” analyzed and suggested that a brand put lamb kebabs in the set meal in Beijing, while a brand in East China used the sweet and sour pork tenderloin single set as its main feature.

Yang Peng, vice president of Real Kungfu Group, said that Real Kungfu has always been committed to improving the digital level of the entire link. This cooperation attempt with Ele.me can find a digital basis for new product development and inject new impetus into future brand operation strategies. . In the promotion of new products in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Real Kungfu developed a chicken and rib double-pump meal with the help of the analysis report of “Hungry Xiaowei”. With a 16% reduction in marketing investment, the overall order volume increased by more than 5%.

Chang Xudong said that “Hungry Xiaowei” is currently in the testing stage, so he hopes to cooperate with more catering brands to polish the products. Later, it may also add the functions of dietary nutrition and small portions to lead the healthy diet. . Ele.me’s goal in the future is to universalize the “hungry taste” so that every small and medium-sized merchant can use related services on the platform for free, which is equivalent to that each store can be equipped with an AI dish analysis consultant and truly enjoy digitalization. The qualitative changes brought to catering operations.

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