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Parse! The real reason why the ERP system does not provide a trial version

Friends who have some knowledge of ERP will know the two necessary tasks in the ERP industry: ERP software demonstration, ERP system training, and software companies that really do well in ERP must do the above two things, because if the software demonstration is not good, the customer will If you can’t really understand your system and services, if you don’t do system training well, customers will not use your system well, and you won’t be able to improve your management. Some professional personnel are still working hard on these two things, so can non-professionals not watch the demonstration and train to use the ERP system well? For companies, blindly trying out ERP systems is both a waste of time and a wrong absorption of ERP.

The integrated enterprise management solution is not a set of ERP tool software, so it will not blindly provide customers with a free trial version to test the effect, because the trial will not only fail to try the effect, but will mislead the customer’s understanding of ERP. Here are four reasons:

  • 1. The ERP system is powerful. Although the system has a clear departmental management process navigation diagram, it is not easy for people who do not understand the system to understand the interlocking use of various departmental management.
  • 2. There are different versions according to the different needs of the enterprise, and the method of use is also different. Blindly giving customers a trial will not only fail to see the effect, but will mislead customers: “The software is not suitable” but it becomes “The software is not good enough.”
  • 3. Usually, most customers have problems in the management of the enterprise. They are not particularly clear about what the problem is, which link has the problem, and how to solve these problems. Then you can imagine what the ERP software trial can try.
  • 4. ERP is workflow-oriented, it realizes the minimum redundancy and maximum sharing of information. For enterprises to make the ERP system work, it is necessary to reorganize the business process and organization to make it meet the requirements of ERP implementation. Imagine the organization reorganization can be completed without professional ERP project implementation experience? How can you tell the effect of the ERP system if it is not completed?

The management model of the enterprise is different. The management process designed by the consultant for the enterprise is also different, and the software usage method is therefore different. If you do not have professional enterprise management knowledge and management experience, and do not understand the functions of the system, the system operation process will not be able to use the system correctly to solve management problems for the enterprise.

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