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Plastic mould|Arm chair mold

China MOULD is a top quality arm chair mold manufacturer which located in Taizhou, China. We produce and ship about 120 sets chair molds to all over the world, such like Mexico, Iran, Venezuela, Spain, Jordan, South Africa, etc.


We have many kinds of the plastic chairs, for example, daily use chair, beach chair, leisure chair, stool, baby chair, gas assistant injection solution, PC chair, rattan chair, arm chair, armless chair and so on. For the chair style, we have professional designers to design the chair mold personality.


As for the arm chair, we often use the steel P20, usually, the chair raw material is PP, but sometime, in order to gain in strength, we will add the CaCO3 as customer’s request, but it should less than 20%. Lots of the arm chair mold choose edge gate, some also will choose direct cone gate. Our arm chair mold interchangeable insert block different versions of the chair back rest, and it is easily replaced on the machine.


The cycle time about 45s while testing on our DKM injection machine, some customer will use the robot to pick the arm chair out. If you need, we can offer you the line solution of the arm chair, including the plastic mold, injection machine with auxiliary equipment, robot.


Welcome your inquiry about the arm chair mold, we can meet your request both in quality and the service.


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