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Plastic mould|baby high chair mould-Pasticmould


ChinaMOULD specialize in making chair moulds for more than 20 years, we make all kinds of chair mould, including baby chair mould, feeder chair mould, baby high chair mould. we make some baby high chair mould for Euro and South America.

Baby high chair mold usually means a set of moulds, because the baby high chair will have cushion, chair legs, and some other components, these molds look very simple, in fact, these mould have higher requirement than common chair, because the chair user is baby, so the product should not have any sharp, and parting line is designed out of baby reach.

The assembling between different parts should be very good to make sure the strength of the chair, it request the product size, and mold size to be very accurate. About the parts assembling, we do a good job on that, before mold design, when we received the customer’s product design, we will analyze the details of product design, and check the assembling of each parts, if there are unreasonable places, we will point out and list our proposed changes to the customer.

Our company’s aim is to provide our customer a good molding solution. If you have any needs on baby chair mould, please feel free to contact us.

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