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Plastic mould|Soy sauce cap mould -Pastic Mould

 Soy sauce bottle cap has a ring-pull which can be tearing; this design is more complex than ordinary cap, so soy sauce cap mould also much more difficult, there will be many layers of mold plate. And we can make this cap full hot runner system and half hot runner system.

If we use full hot runner system for the soy bottle cap mould, this mould have high requirement on the hot runner system, we need small/mini injection nozzle, which can be put inside of pull-tab, usually small injection nozzle is high-precision, and the price is expensive, so full hot runner system mould will cause relatively high price. (If you make soy sauce cap mould full hot runner, it is better to buy world famous hot runner brand, such as Husky, Mold-Masters, Synventive… )

Generally, we recommend to make soy sauce cap mold with half hot runner injection system and submarine gate, the gate will be located at the edge of the cap, the mould will have some waste material. But this mould will be much cheaper than full hot runner mould, and mold maintenance is convenience, and the cost will be less.

For more information about soy sauce cap mould, please contact our sales engineer. We can provide you a good cap molding solution .

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