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Plastic or Aluminium Foil For Exhaust Pipe of Lampblack Machine?

The range hood is the most commonly used household appliance in the kitchen. In addition to paying attention to the fuselage of the range hood, there is another place that cannot be ignored. That is the exhaust pipe of the range hood. Nowadays, the exhaust pipes of the range hood are mainly divided into two types according to the material, one is plastic. The other is aluminum foil. Choosing a good hood exhaust pipe is the guarantee for using the hood in the future. Is the plastic or aluminum foil of the hood exhaust pipe?

First, is the plastic for the hood exhaust pipe or aluminum foil?

1. From the price point of view

Usually, the aluminum foil tube is made of soft aluminum foil, and then it is formed by a loop of wire support. Whether it is cost or manufacturing difficulty, it is higher than plastic pipe.

2. From the degree of heat

Many people think that aluminum foil will not burn, but plastic is flammable, and its heat is only 120 degrees, far from high aluminum foil. But in fact, this is completely enough for the soot of the range hood, so whether it is aluminum foil tube or plastic tube, the exhaust fumes are no problem.

3. From the perspective of service life

In fact, both aluminum foil tubes and plastic tubes have been used for decades without problems. But strictly speaking, the aluminum foil tube is not easy to age compared to the plastic tube, and the service life is longer.

4. From the ease of installation and maintenance

The front and rear joints of the plastic pipe are all screwed, which is very convenient when disassembling, which is much stronger than the aluminum foil pipe. In addition, the aluminum foil tube is more likely to be scratched, so it is better to take some protective measures when piercing the hole, but the plastic tube is not needed, and it will be easier to install.

5. From the perspective of aesthetics

The maximum degree of aluminum foil tube is opaque, even if there is more soot inside it is invisible. But the plastic tube is transparent, and there are a lot of dirty things in the long pipe, which looks very unattractive.

6. From the noise point of view

This is also very important for the hood. Usually, the aluminum foil tube is softer, and the plastic tube is harder. Therefore, in the process of ventilation, the aluminum foil is less noisy relative to the smoke, and it is not easy to odor when exhausting smoke.

Second, the installation method of the exhaust pipe of the range hood

1. First, install a check valve at the entrance of the public flue, and then tighten the screw to fix the check valve. The function of the check valve is to prevent the soot from being poured, so it is necessary to install a check valve whether it is a public flue of the exhaust pipe passage or a perforated passage.

2. Then connect the hood exhaust pipe to the installed check valve. Place the exhaust hood of the hood above the check valve, then place it vertically on the interface of the check valve.

3. Then seal the joint between the exhaust hood exhaust pipe and the check valve, and continue to seal with heat-resistant strong tape or electrical tape.

4. Since the valve on the check valve is to adjust the size of the exhaust vent, do not use screws or drill holes to fix the pipe when sealing. In order to avoid blocking the valve piece of the check valve, soot can not be excluded.

5. The standard pipe length is 15cm. If you want to lengthen the pipe, please seal it with sealing tape when connecting the two pipes, and do not squeeze the hood exhaust pipe. The bending of the hood exhaust pipe should be controlled at about 90 degrees.

Third, the smoke hood exhaust pipe installation precautions

1. The pipe should be short

Do not use the exhaust pipe more than 2 meters when using it, avoiding the angle of 90 degrees, otherwise it will affect the smoke exhaust effect of the soot. Moreover, when the fume pipe is exhausted, whether it is outdoors or entering the room, the interface must be tight, and it is not dangerous to discharge the exhaust gas into the hot pipe. Therefore, we need to consider the above aspects when installing the exhaust pipe. Therefore, after installation, it can be used normally.

2. Insert check valve

After inserting the check valve into the check valve, fix it with screws and pass the other hole directly through the reserved hole to make it deep into the outside, which is more ideal when used. If the exhaust pipe is a public flue, it must be connected with a check valve of the common flue. Due to the different types of check valves. There are home use, and some are used in public places. If it cannot be extended directly to the outside, it is also necessary to use the check valve used in the professional public flue and close it, so that the Yantai can be directly discharged outside.

3. Avoid recharge

When installing the exhaust pipe of the range hood, it is necessary to avoid the situation of refilling. If the exhaust pipe of the hood is connected to the common flue, the size of the insertion is larger. If the home is used, the size of the insertion does not need to be too large. Since we can’t directly remove the soot, then we are choosing the check valve. I want to insert it more. Because the layout of each house is different. Therefore, when installing, install according to the environment of the house.

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