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Plasticating Phase Now Simulated by Software

New software that simulates the plastication phase of injection molding can be used to optimize screw design for a particular material and process condition or to determine the process conditions that yield the best melt quality with a given screw design and material. The new Injection Molding Plastification (IMP) program from Compuplast International (USA) Inc., Williamsville, N.Y., predicts the melting behavior and melt quality in the injection barrel. The simulation predicts output, melt temperature, temperature variation, and melting rate of the material. These data can help determine the optimum screw speed and recovery time for the material, screw design, and shot size. John Perdikoulias, Compuplast v.p., says traditional simulation software focuses on filling, cooling and warping, while making assumptions about the incoming melt temperature. However, Perdikoulias says the set-up of the machine can dramatically affect the true temperature and quality of the melt that is being injected. Compuplast first introduced the ability to simulate plastication in cooperation with CoreTech Systems Co. Ltd., of Taiwan, as an optional module (called Screw-Plus) for Coretech’s Moldex3D injection molding simulation software, marketed in North America by Compuplast. The IMP program is a stand-alone version of this product that can be used to analyze more complex screw configurations. Tel: (905) 814-8923 . wwwmold.wikipuplastmold.wiki


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