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plasticmould|Plastic Toilet Cover Mold Manufacture-Pasticmould

 We are the plastic toilet cover mold manufacture in the home town of mold(Huangyan city) Zhejiang province China. We have more than 23 years experience in manufacture plastic injection toilet cover mold.

Specification for plastic toilet Cover Mould:
Material of core and cavities: P20, 718H, or as customer requirement
Injection type: pin-point gate ,submarine gate l, edge gate, and direct gate
Mold type: normal, hot runner and air assistance
Machining: advanced CNC, EDM Wire-cutting, milling machine, grinding machine, lathe etc
Features: high accuracy and durable
Guarantee Mould life: 500K

As plastic mould industry developed, there are more and more plastic mould factories in China. When you come to Huangyan city in Zhejiang province China, you will see plastic mould factory all around here and there. We are one of the company located in Huangyan city which is the home town for plastic mould factory.

Please feel free to contact with me if you have any plastic toilet cover mold project. I worked in plastic toilet cover mold manufacture for more than 6 years. Our company have training class for all sales people. So if you have any question regard mold or machine. Don’t hesitate to let me know.

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