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Production of titanium screws

Titanium screw, when we use the place of screw in life is really a lot of, but the understanding of titanium alloy screw is the hard truth, or choose to poor quality products on the reaction. So when choose and buy should look for the businessman that manages titanium alloy screw to choose goods greatly. 

For parts like screws that undergo high strength, I recommend not using aluminum, which is easy to take off, but solid titanium screws. What are the advantages of titanium screw, titanium alloy screw in addition to its hardness in stainless steel, the finished product produced in weight performance is also much lighter than ordinary stainless steel screw. In addition, the thread of titanium alloy screw and nut is hard, the wear resistance performance may be higher than general stainless steel, titanium screw, in addition to not easy to slide teeth, titanium alloy screw itself material stability is also very high, with a good oxidation resistance. Some titanium alloy screw hardness difference is big, so titanium alloy screw must use good material can, titanium alloy screw has steel hardness.

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