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Reasons for vibration of pneumatic punch

Many manufacturers use punch presses, but sometimes the punch presses will vibrate during use, so why does the punch press itself vibrate?

The main reason for the vibration of the pneumatic punch is the loss of force during the transmission of the punch force. Specifically, because the punch needs to convert the circular motion of the motor into a vertical force, part of the force will be lost during the force conversion process. This part of the force will act on the body of the punch press to form its own vibration. In order to reduce this vibration, customers should pay attention to maintenance during the use of the punch press, and often perform lubrication and cleaning treatments on the punch press to ensure that it is reduced Conversion resistance.

In addition, the punch flywheel is a large mass object. When the flywheel moves at high speed, it rubs against the air, or the flywheel processes an imperfect circle, which will cause the punch itself to vibrate. Therefore, the vibration and noise of the punch itself can be used to Measuring the quality of punch presses is also a benchmark for the production strength of punch press manufacturers.

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