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Repair of Spindle Parts of CNC Machining Center

The failures of the spindle box of the CNC machining center include the automatic tensioning tool holder device, the automatic speed regulating device, and the accuracy retention of the rapid movement of the spindle.
(1) An abnormal sound is made when the spindle is running. If the sound becomes louder and the machine stops, it can be judged that the spindle bearing is damaged. Generally speaking, when the machine tool is purchased two years later, damage to the spindle bearing will occur. The maintenance measures are to stop the machine, disassemble the spindle box, and *replace the bearing.
(2) The headstock cannot be moved.
①Gun check the coupling on the machine coordinate axis, and tighten the screws on the coupling.
②Remove the pressure plate, observe whether the pressure plate is scratched, adjust the gap between the pressure plate and the guide rail, and ensure that the gap is 0.02-0.03mm.
③Check the headstock insert, loosen the insert retaining screw, and use a screwdriver to rotate the insert bolt clockwise to make the coordinate axis move flexibly. After the feeler gauge cannot be inserted, tighten the retaining screw.
④ Observe whether the guide rail surface of the spindle box is scratched, and use a fine emery cloth to repair the scratches on the guide rail surface.
(3) There is noise during the operation of the headstock.
①Improve lubrication conditions. Make enough lubricating oil.
②Adjust the rear cover of the bearing. Make it press the end face of the bearing and tighten the lock nut.
③The connecting belt between the main shaft and the motor is too tight. Move the motor seat to make the belt tightness suitable.
④The balance of the small pulley and the large pulley is not good. This phenomenon occurs because the balance weight of the pulley falls off or shifts, so the dynamic balance needs to be re-balanced.

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