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Repair of the Feeding System Failure of CNC Machining Center

Ball screws are commonly used in the feed drive chain of CNC machining centers. Most of the failures are caused by reduced motion quality, reduced positioning accuracy, excessive backlash, mechanical crawling, and loud bearing noise.
①The lubrication of the ball screw is poor. Check the X and Y axis of the worktable to clear the seat, remove the cover, and apply grease.
②The worktable cannot be moved in the X and Y directions. Check whether the screws on the motor and screw coupling on each coordinate of the machine tool are loose, and adjust the gap of the movable guide rail of the worktable to make each coordinate axis move flexibly. Use emery cloth to repair the scars on the guide rail surface. Fully supply lubricating oil. Adjust the gap of the rolling screw, adjust the pre-tightening force of the rolling nut, and adjust the compensation accuracy.
③ X, Y coordinate axis jitter phenomenon. Perform a single-axis running test on the X-axis. If there is no jitter, the influence of the X-axis mechanical transmission chain and the servo motor is excluded. If the control of the numerical control system is very uniform, the cause of the control system is ruled out. If the X-axis servo motor is mounted on the Y-axis bed saddle, the X-axis control cable will be dragged back and forth when the Y-axis moves. When the X-axis single-axis reciprocating motion, drag the X-axis motor control cable by hand, if jitter occurs, this proves that the X-axis control cable is in poor contact. The plug of the cable, due to long-term oil corrosion, loss of insulation and loose plug, requires a *replacement group to troubleshoot.

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