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Rolling unit pressure

Rolling unit pressure (specific roll pressure) The rolling force on the unit contact area of the rolled piece and the roll during rolling. Along the entire roll contact area with the rolling piece, the pressure distribution of the rolling piece acting on the roll is uneven. The rolling unit pressure is the main parameter that characterizes the interaction between the rolling stock and the roll, and is the basic basis for formulating the process specification. In order to calculate the rolling force, the distribution of the rolling unit pressure is usually calculated first. In order to determine the rolling unit pressure, the method of theoretical calculation is generally used, and in some cases it can also be obtained by the method of actual measurement. Theoretical calculation can get the distribution of the rolling unit pressure. The actual measurement method is to measure the rolling unit pressure of these areas by electrical measurement by placing pressure sensors in certain areas of the roll, but it cannot obtain the measurement along the entire contact area. Pressure distribution. The most common formulas for calculating rolling unit pressure are Kalman equation and Olovan equation. In addition, there are commonly used A. Nadai and M. O. Stone formulas in flat rolling.

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