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Safety operation rules and precautions of hydraulic press

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Analysis of the safety operating rules and precautions of hydraulic presses.

  • 1. The operator should be familiar with the general performance and structure of the Hydraulic Press, and overload use is prohibited. To
  • 2. Before use, lubricate and add oil according to the regulations, and check whether the high-pressure pump, pressure gauge, various valves, sealing rings, etc. are normal.
  • 3. Before starting up, check whether the Mold is matched, whether the material weight meets the requirements, and whether the weighing tool is accurate.
  • 4. When pressing, the mold must be placed in the center of the backing plate, and eccentric use is prohibited. Before starting each shift and after pressure test, check whether the mold is cracked or not.
  • 5. When multiple people operate, a dedicated person should start the machine and coordinate with each other.
  • 6. It is strictly forbidden to put the hand and head between the mold and the indenter.
  • 7. After the work is completed, the pressed products, tools, and molds should be arranged and placed in the designated place.

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