CNC Milling Service In China

Milling is one of the CNC machining services we offer.

You might think CNC milling looks similar to drilling, however, the two manufacturing process are definitely not the same. Drilling is only suitable for axial processing. Examples are making holes, tapping of tread and reaming. A CNC mill moves laterally and axially to remove material.

There are different types of milling tools, each used to make specific cavities or just cut away material. Axial cutting requires teeth on the tip of the cutting head.

At Minghe we work with the latest machinery. These include 3 and 5-axis milling equipment.

Manufacturing of precision components with an outstanding surface finish is possible with our CNC machining capabilities.

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  • Precision machining
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Plastic machining
  • Enclosures milling

The CNC Milling Process

We use CNC machining to apply a machined surface finish on plastic or metal parts. In addition, we use our machines to create complex 3D-shapes. More specific, a milling machine uses a turning cutting tool that moves in all three dimensions. In this way, it removes material to achieve the desired part shape. The material is cut from block of material which is placed on a moving table below the cutter. A computer controls the vertical (Z axis) motion of the cutter and the horizontal (X and Y axis) motion of the block of material while the cutting tool turns. Contact us for CNC milling and turning service in China.

We are proud to provide advanced machining and milling services. The main fields of use are electronic enclosures, machine parts, tanks, electronic component racks, custom storage racks, and more.

At Minghe our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We handle large volume runs, without compromising speed and quality on our 20 machining centers. Please check contact us for cnc milling services.

With our CNC machining centers, we provide precision CNC machining of numerous materials, including stainless steel machining and aluminum machining. Next, we specialize in precision milling and turning. Therefore, we utilize CNC milling centers. In addition, all of the spindles are high-speed with fast tool change. Feel free to visit our plant and you will see our latest equipment for CNC milling and CNC turning.

Special CNC machining

At Minghe, we also offer a variety of other machining services, which cover the entire production process. We have brand new machinery to tackle conventional milling, drilling, turning, and sawing, as well as grinding and honing, deburring, and part marking. Through approved, certified vendors, we can also provide heat treating, welding, plating, and painting. Once your part is complete, it is inspected by our QC department. Finally we will assemble and pack the goods for shipping.