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Sheet Metal Fabrication Technology Is An Art Of Technology

Mastering Sheet Metal Fabrication technology for metal processing is essential, generally a product is the success of technology plus equipment, good technology plus a good device to build a good product.
Sheet Metal Fabrication technology is the sheet metal technical staff need to master the key technology, but also an important process of forming sheet metal products. It includes both traditional cutting and cutting, punching processing, bending and other methods and process parameters, but also includes a variety of cold stamping die structure and process parameters, a variety of equipment working principle and methods of operation, including new stamping technology and new Process. Basic principles, process, the use of materials began, after punching, punching and melting, bending, bending and bending, rolling spinning and bulging and other processes.Different technology of different Sheet Metal Fabrication technology, each technology is like an art, to create a different shape of the chassis equipment, in fact, said Sheet Metal Fabrication is an art to build the project, each worker is the master of art, But they are now lack of inspiration, creative inspiration.Each industry has its professional terms, Sheet Metal Fabrication industry is no exception. There are 25 common.(1) pressure riveting: refers to the use of punch or hydraulic press the riveting nut, riveting screw or rivet nuts and other fasteners firmly pressed on the workpiece in the process.
(2) up riveting: refers to the first part of the counter-hole, and then use the punch or hydraulic press to rivet nut firmly pressed on the workpiece in the process.
(3) pull mother: refers to the use of similar riveting process. The process of firmly connecting the connecting members such as rivet nut (POP) to the workpiece.
(4) pull riveting: refers to the use of a rivet gun as a tool to pull nails to two or more pieces of work together closely together the process.
(5) riveting: rivets will be two or more workers face to face together with the process, if the countersunk head riveting, the workpiece must be first counter-hole.

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