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silicone resin formulations

    The high levels of adhesion and weather resistance found in silicone resins make them a perfect exterior very good resistance to ultra-violet light degradation and is a standard binder for high durability paints used as protectuve coatings on exterior steel structures.certain grades of the resin are also used as bases for anti-fouling paints used on the hulls of ships.their excellent water repellent qualities are hamessed in the building industry where they are used as binders for many masonry sealers and exterrior coatings.the UV resistant qualities of the resins further enhance these products as they do not become brittle or yellow with protracted exposure to the sun.

    certain silicone resin fomulations can withstand temperatures in excess of 1380 degrees fahrebheut which make them ideal as binding agents in paints used on boilers, cookware, fireplace components,and automotive engine parts.these resins also have outstanding electrical insulation characteristics which make them a good choice for motor winding,coil and resistor coatings.these insulation properties make silicone resin a standard coating on electronic circuit boards.glass fiber fabrics coated with silicone resins are also widely used as electrical wire insulation.

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