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Standard Data Management of Electric Vehicle Safety Inspection System

Vehicle file management: When logging in, enter the license plate number or IC card intelligent recording system. The system retrieves the historical data of the vehicle from the vehicle file database, which not only reduces the time for the registrant to input the login data, but also facilitates the on-site staff to check Verification of main technical parameters, such as preventing users from modifying vehicles privately. If the vehicle history data cannot be found in the vehicle archive database, the registrant enters the registration data on the spot and archives it. The vehicle file database is convenient for statistics and printing of scrapped, missed, and transferred vehicles. Vehicle owners can also query vehicle inspection data and charges through the database. At the same time, it also provides technology for public security, transportation and other departments to verify whether the vehicle is stolen and analyze the scene of the accident. support.

Financial management: Once the vehicle under inspection is logged in, the vehicle inspection fee will be automatically displayed on a large-screen display in a workstation area; daily statements can be printed; single or combined keywords such as time period, vehicle type, etc. can be inquired and collected ; Can print out the financial income and expenditure report of the testing station monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Standard data management: Edit, modify, delete, and add to the testing standard database, beat database, and charging standard database. In order to ensure the fairness, rationality, statutory, and efficiency of security inspections, the right to modify is restricted by setting network permissions and passwords, and even some modification permissions must be implemented under the supervision of the public security department, the transportation department, and the price department.

Password setting: Its function is to provide strict security measures to effectively prevent the programs and data running in the network environment from being accidentally or deliberately leaked, changed and destroyed. The staff can only enter the system within the functional scope to modify the data with the assigned password, but generally can browse the data of other systems. When the staff feel it is necessary to change their own password, they can use the password setting to achieve.

System maintenance: It has ten functions of data backup, data recovery, and station setting, index reconstruction, manual/automatic switching, system calibration, system self-check, database establishment, system initialization, and system exit. The main databases involved in the management module are the vehicle file database, the financial database, the testing standard database, the beat database, the charging standard database, and the service number database, all of which are stored on the server hard disk.

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