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Standard-Knapp Protects Bottles and Labels with Advanced Soft Placement Module

Zero-Impact Servo System Packs Without Damage

Portland, CT-Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, announces its soft placement module for secure, efficient packing of bottles in a range of industries.

Compatible with several case packer models, Standard-Knapp’s soft placement module with advanced motion control gently lowers bottles into cases or trays without damage to the label, closure or container integrity. With its steady, precise placement, the soft placement module eliminates bottle-to-bottle scuffing and breakage, with or without partitions.

The unique servo system accelerates bottles downward, then comes to a gradual, decelerated stop as the heels of the bottles reach the bottom of the case. The packed case is then indexed to the discharge conveyor and the soft placement module ascends into position for the next cycle.

The soft placement module is simple to adjust and change over. Its low-maintenance design adapts to trigger and unstable bottles of all sizes for more stable packing with less downtime. The soft placement system is capable of handling several cases per cycle for maximum packing efficiency.

About Standard-Knapp
Standard-Knapp is the leading manufacturer of innovative packing machinery for a variety of industries including beverage, food, household chemicals, personal care, and automotive. A pioneer in the field of automatic packaging equipment, Standard-Knapp provides robust, efficient packaging solutions such as tray packers, tray loading machines, case packers, shrink wrappers, and bottle packers. With over 100 years of experience, Standard-Knapp continues its tradition of "making packing easy." For more information on Standard-Knapp’s products, call 860-342-1100 or email infostandard-knappmold.wiki.


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