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STMicroelectronics launches third-generation silicon carbide products to promote the future development of electric vehicles and industrial applications

STMicroelectronics’ latest generation of silicon carbide (SiC) power devices has improved product performance and reliability and maintained its usual leading position, making it more suitable for electric vehicles and energy-efficient industrial applications

Continuous long-term investment in the SiC market, STMicroelectronics welcomes future growth

STMicroelectronics (ST; NYSE code: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving multiple Electronic applications, launches the third generation of STPOWER silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET transistors[1], To promote the frontier applications of power equipment in the power system of electric vehicles, and other scenarios where high power density, high energy efficiency, and high reliability are important goals.


STMicroelectronics launches third-generation silicon carbide products to promote the future development of electric vehicles and industrial applications

As a leader in the SiC power MOSFET market, STMicroelectronics integrates advanced design technologies to further tap the energy-saving potential of SiC, and continue to promote changes in the electric vehicle and industrial markets. With the accelerated development of the electric vehicle market, many vehicle manufacturers and supporting suppliers are adopting 800V drive systems to speed up the charging speed and help reduce the weight of electric vehicles. The new 800V system can help vehicle manufacturers produce cars with longer mileage. ST’s new generation of SiC devices are specifically optimized for these high-end automotive applications, including electric vehicle power motor inverters, on-board chargers, DC/DC converters and electronic air-conditioning compressors. The new generation of products is also suitable for industrial applications and can improve the energy efficiency of drive motors, renewable energy converters and energy storage systems, telecommunications power supplies, and data center power supplies.

Edoardo Merli, vice president of STMicroelectronics Automotive and Discrete Products, and general manager of the Power Transistor Division, said: “We continue to advance this exciting technological development and continue to innovate at the chip and packaging levels. As a company that controls the supply chain. We are able to provide customers with products with continuous improvement in performance. We are continuously investing in the promotion of automotive and industrial projects. It is estimated that STMicroelectronics’ SiC revenue will reach US$1 billion in 2024.”

STMicroelectronics has now completed the third-generation SiC technology platform related standards certification, and most products derived from this technology platform are expected to reach commercial maturity before the end of 2021. Devices with nominal voltages of 650V, 750V to 1200V will be on the market, providing more choices for designers to develop various applications ranging from utility power to electric vehicle high-voltage batteries and chargers. The first products on the market are SCT040H65G3AG with 650V and SCT160N75G3D8AG with 750V in die form.

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ST’s latest planar MOSFET utilizes the new third-generation SiC technology platform to set a new figure of merit (FoM) benchmark for the transistor industry, the industry-recognized FoM [导通电阻 (Ron) x 裸片面积和 Ron x 栅极电荷 (Qg)]Algorithms represent transistor energy efficiency, power density and switching performance. It is becoming more and more difficult to improve FoM with ordinary silicon technology. Therefore, SiC technology is the key to further improving FoM. STMicroelectronics’ third-generation SiC products will lead the advancement of transistor FoM.

The rated value of withstand voltage per unit area of ​​silicon carbide MOSFET is higher than that of silicon-based MOSFET, making it the best choice for electric vehicles and fast charging infrastructure. SiC also has the advantage that the parasitic diode switches very fast, and the current bidirectional flow characteristics are suitable for the external power supply (V2X) on-board charger (OBC) of electric vehicles, which can take power from the on-board battery to supply the infrastructure. In addition, the switching frequency of SiC transistors is very high, making it possible to use smaller passive components in power systems, so that more compact and lightweight electrical equipment can be used in vehicles. These product advantages also help reduce the cost of ownership in industrial applications.

STMicroelectronics’ third-generation products are available in a variety of packages, including bare chips, discrete power packages (STPAK, H2PAK-7L, HiP247-4L and HU3PAK) and ACEPACK series power modules. These packages provide designers with innovative features. For example, specially designed cooling fins can simplify the connection of the chip to the substrate and radiator for electric vehicle applications. In this way, the designer can choose a dedicated chip according to the application, such as a power motor inverter. , On-board chargers (OBC), DC/DC converters, electronic air-conditioning compressors, and industrial applications such as solar inverters, energy storage systems, motor drives and power supplies.

For more information about ST’s SiC product portfolio and the latest third-generation MOSFETs, please visit www.st.com/sic-mosfets

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STMicroelectronics has 46,000 creators and innovators of semiconductor technology, mastering the semiconductor supply chain and advanced manufacturing equipment. As an independent semiconductor equipment manufacturer, STMicroelectronics has worked with more than 100,000 customers and thousands of partners to develop products and solutions, and jointly build an ecosystem to help them better deal with various challenges and new opportunities and satisfy the world Higher demand for sustainable development. ST’s technology makes people’s travel smarter, power and energy management more efficient, and the Internet of Things and 5G technologies are more widely used.

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